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VOGUE, ELLE, Women’s Health, The Guardian, New York Post and Harper’s BAZAAR all endorse a healthy lifestyle, with Pranamat ECO as a trusted brand.
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
It helps to relieve tension, assist with back pain, relieve headaches, maintain posture, stay mentally and physically healthy, improve cellulite and much more!
Dr. Bradley Schaeffer
My patients and friends agree that it works!
Antonella Brollini
I’ve been using it for three years religiously. Pranamat ECO has been there for me through my mental health struggles, tension headaches, pain, stress, the lot!
Tova Leigh
This massage set has been life-changing! How? I used to have SO MANY neck problems, not to mention migraines which I swear on my life HAVE GONE since I started using this
Lauren, APRN, FNP-BC
I was honestly kinda shocked. I am now foot pain free as long as I stand on my mat every day. This is HUGE!
Holly | Essential Oil Education
I am in LOVE!! I’ll never go a day without my pranamat massage set! I’m not exaggerating when I say that
Meg Kilcup
This is a staple in our home
Women's Health
The Guardian
Harper's Bazaar
The Guardian
Women's Health
The Guardian
Harper's Bazaar
The Guardian

Pranamat ECO Ambassador perks

As a Pranamat Ambassador, you’ll enjoy awesome perks, limited products and 5-10% cash commission on every qualifying purchase! Your friends, family + followers will get 15-30% off their purchase, too!
Pranamat massage mat

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Tap the green “Become an Ambassador” button to apply.


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The more top-notch content you create about your massage set, the more authentic the dialogue between you and your followers.


For every sale you generate, you’ll earn 5-10% commission, depending on the time of year. The more you share your code, the more chances you’ll have to earn.


Your sales are then subject to a 31 day waiting period, to account for any refunds.


All your commissions will be processed on the 1st of every month, and your payouts will reach you within 5-10 days via PayPal.

Be yourself, Inspire your audience and Earn

We give you the freedom to create - you decide when and in what format you upload your affiliate link. Authenticity is key, so try to add a personal feeling: tell your honest story about how Pranamat ECO helped you and why you recommend it.

Your message matters! See all benefits, warranty and trial period on our website. Don't forget to use your personal referral link for your Instagram stories so that your audience can use it and we pay you a commission.

Pranamat massage set
Pranamat massage set
Pranamat massage set
Pranamat massage set
Pranamat ECO set Pranamat ECO set

Belong to something BIG

Pranamat ECO has won the hearts of yogis, athletes, moms and dads, professionals of every kind, dreamers, thinkers, artists, mindfulness gurus, healthy lifestyle advocates, people on every continent who have found a way to manage chronic pain and everyone who just loves massage!
Pranamat ECO set
Pranamat ECO set

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we don't donate products to affiliates. If you want to become our affiliate, you should have your own Pranamat ECO.

You can get up to 10% commission on each sale. Please note that size of the commission might change depending on the promotions, sales and current offers. You will get all information via email. Normally your followers get 10% off all sets when we don't have any active promotions. This discount might be bigger depending on the seasonal offers.

During big promotions, you'll get a 15-30% discount for your followers and a 5% commission on each sale. Sales are three times higher at this time of year, so you'll get the same or better returns.

We use PayPal for payouts. The amount due will be paid to your PayPal or bank account (note: we don't cover PayPal commission).

All withdrawals have a waiting period of 31 days (due to potential refunds / chargebacks). After 31 days, the amount will be included in your next payout. Withdrawals are processed on the first of the month and issued within 5-10 business days.

After registration, you will receive a special coupon from us, entitling your followers to a discount and you to receive a commission.

You’re not permitted to advertise on «Pranamat» brand keywords. If your code or referral link can be Googled or can be found in any promocode related websites, we will need to change your promocode, so you can continue earning your commissions.